Kit de baguette d'arrosage d'Aeromixer

Kit de baguette d'arrosage d'Aeromixer

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Kit de baguette d'arrosage d'Aeromixer

Kit de baguette d'arrosage d'Aeromixer

Prix habituel $90
Prix habituel $90.00 Prix soldé $90
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Aeromixer's 1" Watering Wand Kit is a perfect companion to THE HOSE by Aeromixer. The Watering Wand Kit allows you to feed your garden easily and quickly.

22" aluminum watering wand
1" male NPT
Super heavy duty
Anti-clog design

Green Shipping

Lifetime warranty

30-day returns


Le kit de baguette d'arrosage d'Aeromixer est le compagnon idéal de THE HOSE d'Aeromixer. Le kit de baguette d'arrosage vous permet d'alimenter votre jardin facilement et rapidement.

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The Watering Wand Kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all components and seals due to manufacture defect or normal wear and tear.

You can also purchase up to a three year VIP Service and accident coverage plan!

Email us at for more information!

For more details, see the Warranty Policy page

Tech Specs

Wand Specs:

  • 22” Aluminum watering wand
  • Super heavy duty
  • 1” Male NPT


Valve Specs:

  • 1” Corrosion resistant brass ball valve
  • Female x Female 1” NPT
  • Compatible with THE HOSE by Aeromixer and standard 1” garden hoses


Water Break Specs:

  • 1” water break
  • Anti-clog design
  • Fan spray for even distribution
  • Rubberized for easy application
  • Easily adjustable using Aeromixer’s 1” Brass Ball Valve
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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered below, reach out and we'll be happy to help!

Can I turn the Ball Valve off while my Aeromixer is pumping?

Yes, you can turn your ball valve off while your pump is running. Aeromixer is considered a high flow pump not a high PSI pump. This allows you to shut your ball valve or watering wand off and move from plant to plant without having to turn your pump off.

Can I connect it to a standard garden hose?

No, this watering wand and all its components are 1” NPT and not compatible to standard ¾” GHT hoses or plumbing.

How do I use the water break?

Install the Water Break by firmly pushing onto the tapered end of the Watering Wand. To adjust spray pattern, turn Ball Valve to the OFF position. If you want to widen the spray of water, pull out and down on the tab. Turn on the Ball Valve to test spray pattern. Adjust again as necessary.

What is the warranty for the Watering Wand Kit?

Lifetime warranty on all components and seals due to manufacture defect or wear and tear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Ordered the small for organic aeromixer and its a little beast oxygenating and whipping water around very well . .
However I will be returning the wand as it's not really for smaller in home growers , it's more for 100+ plant warehouse and or outdoor farmers . Overall somewhere between 4 and 5 star review from me .

Chris Willis
Great product & excellent customer service

I wasn’t happy at first and wanted to send it all back. They called me and explained a lot about their product and how it works. Offered to let me send it back. But after our conversation it showed me a better way to utilize it and I decided to keep it. Very very happy with my new aeromixer and controller.

Tiffany Jones
The Hose & Wand

I just recently received The Hose & wand. I was able to attach it with pretty quickly and the ease of watering was incredible! It deceased all of my watering immensely.

A really cool and unique product.

I recently tried the aero mixer for fertilizing Japanese maples and various conifer species around my property after years of just using a 30 gallon fimco sprayer the ease of use is incredible. I popped it in a rubbermaid 300 gallon feed trough threw in some impello 7-6-5 and away we went. Took 30 minutes to transfer it through 100 feet of The hose with the aluminum sprayer and the trees look extremely happy after all this crazy heat that has been hitting us in Georgia. Only regret was not grabbing two at the time. In a couple of months I'm going to grab another one to put behind the house in another tote. Really did turn a pretty miserable task into something that can be done with a beer in one hand. Another cool feature is I took a kochek high pressure nozzle and a 1inch npt to 3/4 ght head and can now use it for all my turf fertilizer with any of my sprayers or sprinklers. It moves two heads very easily and if you have a sprinkler booster pump attachment after the pump it is making 80 psi out of two melnor tripod sprinklers and covering 7000 sqft with me not so much as lifting a finger. other options for me now include making excuses for why I need 4 more bags of fertilizers to try. It really does simplify a very tedious task and can make something that is a time chore become something easy.

David Andrew
1” wand and hose kick ass

Saves me a ton of time watering!!

Thanks for the review !

The hose sure does throw our a massive amount of water. Glad you are loving it.

Have a great week