Aerobrewer : Contrôleur de température + puissance

Aerobrewer : Contrôleur de température + puissance

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Aerobrewer : Contrôleur de température + puissance

Aerobrewer : Contrôleur de température + puissance

Prix habituel $129
Prix habituel $129.00 Prix soldé $129
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Aerobrewer gives you complete control of aeration and mixing in your feed tank when used with an Aeromixer. Choose the power level, set the temperature, or control both at once and take the guesswork out of mixing.

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Dites bonjour à Aerobrewer, un outil facile à utiliser pour aider les agriculteurs comme vous à gagner du temps et à faire pousser des plantes heureuses. Aerobrewer vous donne un contrôle complet de l'aération et du mélange dans votre réservoir d'alimentation lorsqu'il est utilisé avec un Aeromixer, ce qui le rend idéal pour les agriculteurs avec des réservoirs plus petits, ceux qui veulent simplement une agitation plus douce sur les thés de compost, ou pour obtenir la température d'infusion parfaite à chaque fois. Choisissez le niveau de puissance, réglez la température ou contrôlez les deux à la fois et éliminez les approximations lors du mélange.

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Aerobrewer comes with a 90 day warranty + 1 year extended warranty through Clyde on all components due to manufacturing defects or wear and tear.

You can also purchase up to a three year VIP Service and accident coverage plan!

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For more details, see the Warranty Policy page

Tech specs

  • Max input 15 amp
  • Set your temperature +/- 3 degree variation
  • Three settings (Speed, Temp, Speed + Temp)
  • Three prong plug
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Aeromixer NOT included
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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered below, reach out and we'll be happy to help!

How does it work?

When this is paired with the Aeromixer it allows you to set the desired temperature of your tea or mixture. The Aeromixer will then slowly increase the temperature of your mixture by running and then cycle on and off to maintain that temp.

Why would I want to have my Aeromixer be less powerful?

Aeromixers are very powerful pumps and in too small, or too shallow of a reservoir they can make a mess or splash liquid outside of the tank. The Aerobuddy makes it easy to find the exact agitation that fits your reservoir.

Can I plug more than one Aeromixer into an Aerobrewer?

No. When our pumps kick on the surge in amperage is too much if you have multiple units plugged in.

What is the warranty for the Aerobrewer?

15 month warranty on all components due to a manufacture defect or wear and tear.

Will the unit reset after a power outage?

No, our control units will need to be turned back on after a power outage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
James Fidazzo

Aerobrewer: Temperature + Power Controller

Tobias Villa

I was sponsored for an All in one AeroMixer with controller for my 60 gal reservoir in my grow room and this pump is the BEST THING EVER made. Top notch quality and best service ever .

Keith S.
Little beast

Got the small for organic aeromixer . Havnf been able to fully use it as I intend for I just started my grow . But I did a couple test runs also with the aero brewer controller . On high it whips the hell out of the water like it's nothing . Mixes fast and aerates better than anything I previously used . Even on lower settings it still moves the water well . I'm a roots organics terp tea user that suggest 24 hour brew before feed . So I did a couple over night runs in my cold room and it worked fine . Won't be able to test out the pump till plants are bigger. But so far so good . 🦣

Thanks for stopping by Keith,

Im excited for your upcoming season. When running the Aeromixer for long periods of time most everyone will put it on an on/off timer. There are suggested run times for each tank size in the manual.

Happy holidays


Love this addition to the pump! Makes life easier!

arsen melikyan
Control unit

Just purchased the control unit for my mixers, really a great addition to the mixer. Allows for complete control over the speed of the mixer, also can heat the water. Very well build and useful.