Warranty Policy

VIP Service and Accident Coverage available!

Want extended protection for your Aeromixer products?

You can purchase up to a three year VIP Service and accident coverage plan!

Email us at info@aeromixer.com for more information!


Purchased within 1 year = Full replacement


Did you void your pump’s warranty?

Voided warranty Reasons:

  • Using the incorrect pounds/gallon of fertilizer or nutrients for the model of pump.
  • Not assembling or installing the unit correctly.
  • Using the incorrect model of pump for your tank size or type.
  • Dropping/ breaking the unit 
If you voided the warranty by using the incorrect model for your type of fertilizer and want to upgrade to Aeromixer’s Synthetic Pro Edition you will be charged the difference between your model and the Synthetic Model, plus shipping for your replacement.


Purchased within 1 year = Full replacement


Hose, Ball Valve, Watering Wand Kit, and Pruners:

Lifetime warranty. This includes manufacturer defects and any wear and tear throughout the life of our product.

Refurbished Items:

90-day warranty on all components and seals due to manufacturing defects or wear and tear.