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Kenny Germani
Synthic pump

This product is amazing it had everything you would need inside of 1 pump a heater a air maker and also a pump to mix it all in 1 highly recommand if anyone lookong for something to use in there reservoir

The best Pruners in the game!

These pruners have changed my expectations on what a primer should be like and these blow my expectations out of the stratosphere! Super durable! Able to handle what ever stock it’s faced with! The non slip grip for ultimate handling! It’s the perfect pruner for me and my garden ! We love it! I recommend everyone to have one ! Thank you Aeromixer for creating such a perfect gardening tool!

Just in time for harvest.

Just in time for harvest. Love my new pruners from Aero Mixer super high quality like everything they do.

Aeromixer’s Professional Pruners
Matt - The iCanTHC Channel
Great product, great staff!

Great product, great staff! I love the Aeromixer and their pruners are awesome too!

Cutting Edge<3

Beautiful sturdy pruners, not too heavy either for someone with smaller hands. Sharp af, perfect black handles. Love<3

Love them!

My T shirt from Aeromixer is soft and feels great against my often irritated skin. It’s super comfy. I ended up getting a size smaller than normal since my normal size wasn’t available but it still fits great. The material just sits great on the body in addition to feeling amazing. The clippers were a huge help this harvest season and easily cut down my outdoor plants. Some of those outdoor had decent sized trunks and they were strong and handled them well along with the larger sized branches. My hands did not become fatigued and they were easier for my smaller hands than other brands. I felt kinda strong even though I’m actually not.

Jer G

I used air stones for years after receiving the Aeromixer it was a game changer for my reservoir or making compost teas. Give
It a try you wont be disappointed!

Chris Porterfield

I absolutely love it. Just made my life so much simpler

Awesome Chris!

We love making peoples live easier. Have a great fall

James McCanless
Such a beast

Love my Aeromixer! Mixes so nice and easy AND distributes.

Thats the name of the game, keep everything mixed.

Thanks for the review James

David Yarmoluk
A necessity to every grow

Hand watering or mixing a batch tank even making teas this thing is perfect!

Awesome David, glad you are loving it.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review

brandon dehaven
Tall tank mixers

Love them. We have them in every tank. Have had a more constant EC and ph since switching to these aero mixers

Thanks for the review Brandon,

We are a small family business and every review means alot. We are stoked you are loving your Aeromixers.

Replaced my aeromixer

It was just about a year from when I bought my aeromixer. It started to overheat and shut off. I called talked to Eli and in a few days my aeromixer was replaced and the replacement had arrived. Thank you for your great customer service

Thanks for reaching out to us Cody,

We strive to have the best customer service in the game. Hope you have a great fall season.

All-In-One Controller
Donavan Capone

What's good Growmie? I know what's good in my that's my new AeroMixer with the AeroBrewer controller.. This beast keeps all my nutes in my 60gallon resesivor all mixed up nice..

Yo Donavan, thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Keep dat shit all mixed up!

Fabiano Rania
The best mixer/pump on the market

This is the best mixer I’ve ever used!! And the controller makes it ten times better!! I definitely recommend this mixer to anyone using synthetic nutrients. YouTube video placeholder

Thanks Fabiano for the review!

Hope you are having a great week.



We got your back Sam!

The Aeromixer family is always around to help.

All-In-One Controller
Gardening Simplified!

Outdoor gardening on a larger scale is always a chore but the Aeromixer and Aerobrewer has made my life far easier when it comes to making organic teas to water into the garden. Mixing, aerating and then watering all done simply with these products. I can’t recommend them enough!

Thanks for the review Janice,

Our goal is to simplify farming and make everyones lives a little easier.

Joseph Clapp
Absolute MONSTER!

It's doing exactly what I needed it to, and with much gusto! Thank you to the team at Aeromixer for having me on as an Ambassador. I am extremely grateful to you and hope to make a lasting business relationship as well as a friendly one. Here's to growing with friends! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

Thanks for being part of the team Joseph,

To many years of mixing and aerating

All-In-One Controller
Mini Aeromixer/Aerobrewer

Bought both of these. Amazing products! I already have 2 bigger aeromixers. Customer service is one of the best out there.

Thanks Ray,

We really do strive to have the best customer service. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review.

Have a great fall

Anthony Gutierrez

Great customer service

We got your back!!

David Yarmoluk

This thing mixes powder nutrients lines perfectly leaving nothing at the bottom of your tanks and the mix full
Of oxygen. Hand watering or irrigation you need this in your facility

Thanks for the review David,

Nothing like a clean tank after feeding the plants.

Ranchera Mami
Epic Aeromixer and Aerator

Absolutely love, we use once a week for our compost feeding time. I love that it runs at a lower HP, so perfect for farms looking to save on electricity, but not sacrifice the efficacy of the mixer. It is an easy set up takes, 5 minutes or so. I love that it can also be used as a pump in general for daily feeds. Perfect!!

Thanks Mami for the review,

Glad you are happy with your purchase. Thanks for joining the Aeromixer family

Daneil McGinty
I love my areomixer

One of the best companies for customer service! I had purchased a pump and after a bit it started to have issues. I contacted the company and they sent me a new one no problem and very fast! Awesome company, would recommend to anyone.

Thanks for the review Daneil

Once you join the Aeromixer family we will treat you like family. Glad the team could help you out.

David payne.
Don't know yet

Just got it from ups.. I'll let you know after I try it

Mini Aeromixer

The new mini aeromixer along with the aerobrewer combined is the way to go. Customer support is one of the best. A++++

Thanks for the review Ray!

Stoked to have you join the family of mixing. We are always just a phone call or email away to provide any assistance.

All-In-One Controller
Aeromixer/aerobrewer and more!

I love the aeromixer with the aerobrewer and it is amazing how much work they put into those products! They mix nutrients perfectly! And I get to control the aeromixer perfectly with the aerobrewer controller! And the aeromixer swag is awesome! I will be purchasing every piece of clothing they have!

Yo Christian,

Glad you like the swag, and the mixer, and the brewer. Glad you liked it all, we do our best.

Thanks for the kind words